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Sunday Lecture

"The Perils of Partisanship: Georgia Politics, 1789-1845"

Sunday, October 8, 2017
3:00-4:00 p.m.
Smyrna Library Meeting Room
Free Admission

Speaker: Dr. George Lamplugh, historian and author

Political parties developed in Georgia in strikingly different ways than in other states. In fact, political parties in Georgia didn't carry the names of national parties for more than half a century after the nation's first parties, the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans, were created in Congress in the early 1790s. How and why political parties evolved the way they did in Georgia is a fascinating story. Dr. Lamplugh will explore some of the key issues involved in the process, e.g., the Yazoo Land Fraud; the strong, violent personalities of Georgia's first party builders; Nullification; and the polarizing personality of President Andrew Jackson.

Speaker Biography:
Dr. Lamplugh is the author of Rancorous Enmities and Blind Partialities: Factions and Parties in Georgia, 1807-1845.

The First Sunday Lecture series is sponsored by the Friends of Smyrna Library and Smyrna Library.

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