Code Violation (Reporting Options)

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A couple of options exist for reporting a Code Violation:

  • Call or email the City's Code Enforcement Division
  • Submit an online report using the Service Request feature

Telephone/Email Option: 

During regular business hours, you may call the City's Code Enforcement Division. You may also send an email to the Code Enforcement Marshals at any time. Should your request require urgent attention during regular business hours, please phone us at 770-431-2850. The after hours emergency service number is 770-434-6666. For police emergencies, please dial 911.

Online Option:

The City of Smyrna also offers a 24-hour online Service Request option for you to report a variety of non-emergency code violations. The list below provides examples of the most commonly reported violations:

        Accessory Structure Violation 
        Building Code Violations 
        Commercial Vehicle Parked in Residential Area 
        Dumpster in Roadway or on Right-of-Way
        Exterior Accumulation of Personal Property
        Illegal Business in Residential Area 
        Illegal Fence 
        Improper Disposal of Yard Debris
        Inoperative/Abandoned Vehicles
        Multiple Families in a Dwelling
        No Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy
        No Business License 
        Other Code Violations Not Listed 
        Parking in Yard 
        Report a Rooming or Boarding House 
        Scrap Tires Improperly Disposed Of
        Sign Ordinance Violation 
        Tall Grass or Weeds
        Trash or Litter on Private Property
        Trash or Litter on Right-of-Way 
        Unregistered Vehicle on Private Property