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Thank you for your interest in academic performance and public education in the City of Smyrna. It is important to you and it is important to this community as well as elected leadership.  One of the most important things to remember when evaluating the schools in Smyrna is that it is so important to contact the schools and visit.  Do not leave your impression and understanding of the Smyrna area schools to websites that operate independently of the Cobb County School System or an of the following information and resource options.  There is no replacement for personal experience and interaction and each of the schools in our area are eager for you to visit. 

We also recommend joining the Facebook group "Wave of Excellence - Smyrna Public Schools." This group will open up your evaluation options and will give you access to parents and community members who are involved in each of the schools in our area.  Expect to get honest and factual, as well as current, information about the schools in our area.  

Another important information source for you is the Smyrna Education Foundation and their Facebook page. Find a list of the schools that are considered to be on the Smyrna Education Foundation website as well as other information that may be useful to you. 

The schools within the City of Smyrna city limits are part of the feeder pattern for the two middle schools that feed into Campbell High School which is in the downtown area.  The majority of schools within Smyrna's borders are public schools that operate under the Cobb County School system.  There are no city-operated schools within the City of Smyrna.