Historic Cemeteries

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 The City of Smyrna now manages two historic cemeteries, Smyrna

Memorial Cemetery and Daniell Cemetery.


The City has hired Preservation Manager, Ashley Shares to help restore Smyrna Memorial Cemetery.

Ashley Shares is a graduate of the Masters in Heritage Preservation Program at Georgia State University. She is currently the Preservation Manager at Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, and has worked in the preservation field for four years. She has worked on restoration projects for cemeteries in the cities of Atlanta, Athens, Locust Grove, and Roswell, to name a few. Of her work in cemetery preservation, Ashley says “I believe that cemeteries are an important cultural resource and I am passionate about careful and gentle preservation of these sites. It is a pleasure to be able to work at Smyrna Memorial Cemetery stabilizing some very historic and beautiful monuments.”

Shares will be working in the afternoons in Smyrna, and explains, "The work at Smyrna Memorial Cemetery targets monuments that are considered "critical" or threatened. This includes headstones that are dangerous to visitors, broken, or at risk of breaking. Headstones that are slightly askew of simply a bit dirty are not the subject of this project. It is not the intent to 'perfect' the cemetery but rather to conserve its unique aesthetic while making the area safe and inviting to visitors." 

If you happen to catch her working in the cemetery, don’t be shy. She loves to educate the public on the methods and importance of cemetery preservation.