Nuisance Wildlife/Animals

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Contact Information for Reporting Nuisance Wildlife/Animal

Reporting Nuisance Wildlife and/or Stray Dogs or Cats

If you have questions about living with wildlife and/or what to do about Nuisance Wildlife (such as coyotes) or have questions about living with wildlife on or around your property and/or neighborhood, we recommend the Department of Natural Resources as your resource. You may also contact them at 770-918-6401. Under the Nuisance Wildlife section of the Georgia Wild Life page, you will find links to options such as a Nuisance Control Application, Nuisance Control RENEWAL Application, Nuisance Wildlife Trappers List, Georgia Trapping Rules and Regulations, and Wildlife Control Permit information in addition to Fact Sheets & Info on everything from armadillos to woodpeckers (with Beavers, Coyotes, Foxes and Raccoons in between). It is recommend that you leave trapping and removal etc. to professionals. Also, if wildlife is outside the living area of your home, please use the Department of Natural Resources as your resource. If you have the unfortunate experience of having a wild animal such as a snake in your home, please know that you may call law enforcement, but please keep in mind that law enforcement will be unable to do anything about wild animals in the wild (includes your yard).

If your need is regarding domestic animals (dogs, cats), please contact Cobb County Animal Services at / 770-499-4136 / / CCAS Dispatch 770-499-4136 (Press 1)