Smyrna Youth Council

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Smyrna Youth Council

The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide a means for the high school youth of Smyrna to learn about government, participate in the process, and to represent and articulate the needs of the community’s youth. The overall objective is to provide an opportunity for the youth of Smyrna to:

  • Acquire a greater knowledge and appreciation for the political system by educating youth on government structures, operations, and relations through a firsthand look at how the City of Smyrna operates.  
  • Identify youth needs in the community, provide a means by which the City’s youth can be heard, and bring awareness of those needs to Smyrna City Council and staff.
  • Provide leadership development and experience that will enable youth to become productive citizens and leaders in the community.
  • Connect to the community through planning, sponsoring, and assisting at City and community events.

Students selected to be a part of the Smyrna Youth Council will have the opportunity to hold positions such as Youth Mayor, Secretary, and Treasurer; offer input to city staff and elected officials; and participate in a unique government leadership experience.


The Smyrna Youth Council is open to high school students residing within the jurisdiction or attending any high school within the City of Smyrna. The inaugural Smyrna Youth Council will include between 8 and 25 members.

 To be eligible, members must:

  • Be presently enrolled in high school: grades 9-12
  • Be academically eligible by maintaining a 2.50 GPA throughout their service
  • Be free of any serious disciplinary infractions within the last six months
  • Be able to think critically and articulate thoughts and ideas
  • Have an interest in learning about local government
  • Have parental or guardian permission and support
  • Possess potential leadership skills
  • Be willing to commit 15-20 hours per month throughout the academic school year to member duties, which includes attendance at regular meetings twice-monthly

Although this year's Youth Council has been selected, we are still accepting applications: You can apply here.

The 2019-2020 Smyrna Youth Council members include: 

  • Katerina Addington, Campbell High School
  • Alex Bauer, Whitefield Academy
  • Tylah Blakney, Campbell High School
  • Ariel Bundi, Campbell High School
  • Faith Jones, Whitefield Academy
  • Sakshi Joshi, Campbell High School
  • Kate Mazur, Campbell High School
  • Mayah Monthrope, Campbell High School
  • Nai’la Morris, Atlanta International School
  • Hakeem Rahman, Osbourne High School
  • Rodrigo Rodriguez, Campbell High School
  • Aadi Sashittal, Campbell High School
  • Cole Simmons, Campbell High School
  • William Taylor, Campbell High School