COURT SERVICES:                                           

Court Administrator: Cardi McManus 

A message from Court Administrator Cardi McManus regarding Social Distancing in Smyrna Municipal Court: 

Smyrna Municipal Court will resume operations on Monday June 15, 2020, using Social Distancing, Gathering, and Personal Protective Equipment protocols  as defined in Governor Kemp’s Executive Order dated April 23, 2020. 

Individuals entering the courtroom will proceed through existing security screening process; this process now includes a no-contact thermometer screening.  Individuals appearing in court are required to wear personal protective equipment.  If you appear and do not have personal protective equipment one will be provided to you.  The courtroom and building will be frequently sanitized, including between each court session, or more often if necessary.  Please observe social distancing protocols by only sitting where there is a marker indicating an open seat.  Ground markers six feet apart will be placed outside the building, in the front lobby as well as the lobby in court services. 

While the courtroom is open to the public, during this Statewide Judicial Emergency and in an effort to stop the transmission of Coronavirus/COVID-19, we will request, but not order, the following accommodations of the public and litigants to further mitigate and stop the spread of illness: 

  • The courtroom occupancy will be limited to 20 individuals 

  • Litigants meeting the criteria for higher risk of severe illness as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should immediately contact Smyrna Municipal Court to reschedule their case. 

  • All persons who are sick or have been sick within the past 10 days of their court date should not appear, but are required to contact Smyrna Municipal Court to have their case rescheduled. 

  • These guidelines are to remain in effect until further notice. 

We will be holding four sessions a day based on the first letter of your last name. Please check your date below and the following time: 

  1. Last Name A - F     8:30AM
  2. Last Name G - L  10:00AM
  3. Last Name M - R   1:00PM
  4.  Last Name S - Z    2:30PM 
  • If your rescheduled court date was May 14th, the new court date is July 13th at your specific time
  • If your rescheduled court date was May 18th, the new court date is July 16th at your specific time
  • If your rescheduled court date was May 21, the new court date is July 20th at your specific time
  • If your rescheduled court date was May 28th, the new court date is July 23th at your specific time
  • If your rescheduled court date was June 1st, the new court date is July 27th at your specific time
  • If your rescheduled court date was June 8th, the new court date is July 30th at your specific time
  • f your rescheduled court date was June 11th, the new court date is August 3rd at your specific time

All cases of Enviornmental Court previously scheduled for May 22 will be held on June 19th at 1:00PM.

All cases on the Trial Calendar previously scheduled for June 4 will be held on August 6th at 9:00AM and 1:00PM.

CLICK the notice regarding online payments before you proceed to the payment link

Online Payment Notice:  For your convenience, you may pay online. However, certain violations require a court appearance and are not available for online payment. You will be advised that your violation is a must appear when you attempt to pay online and you will not be allowed to pay at that time. Please note online payments must be made by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the day before your court date. Also, please note that past due citations must be paid in person or by mail. 

For information regarding a citation or court date call:                  770-431-2804

The Smyrna Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the City Government of Smyrna. 

The Court Services Division is responsible for processing all traffic citations and misdemeanor state law violations issued by the Police Department, including ordinance violations issued by Community Development’s Code Enforcement, and preparing dockets and collecting fines and fees.

The Court Services Division holds separate sessions for traffic and environmental court citations.

The Environmental Court addresses property maintenance, animal control and other environmental degradation cases before the Court Judge.

Other Traffic Court sessions are held for various traffic infractions such as speeding tickets.

Please review the Basic Rules of Court Brochure from Judicial Council of Georgia.

For Directions to Court / City Hall please click the link.

Traffic Court
Chief Judge: Phyllis Gingrey Collins
Solicitor: Tim Williams

Environmental Court
Judge: Joel Pugh
Solicitor: Tim Williams