Absentee Ballot Application

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Cobb County Board of Elections & Registration 

Georgia Voters to Receive Absentee Ballot Applications

REVISED April 9, 2020

Absentee Mail ballots will be mailed by the Secretary of State's vendor starting approximately on April 21st.  Cobb Elections employees are processing the applications as they are received.  We will update this post as soon as we hear the ballots have started mailing.  Cobb Elections is posting a daily file of the previous day's processed applications on the Cobb County Voter Absentee File news article.

Please do not call or email Cobb Elections asking if we have received your application or when the ballot will get to you.  The staff is glad to assist you with questions, but if you have already sent in your application, please be patient.  The preferred email to send in your application is absentee@cobbcounty.org but anything sent to the info@cobbelections.org will also get to the staff.

Those who are not registered to vote, or who need to change their addresses, have until May 11th to participate in the June 9th election. New voter registration and changed voter registration applications can be submitted at www.mvp.sos.ga.gov.

Why Did I Receive Two Absentee Ballot Applications?

 REVISED April 9, 2020

Cobb Elections announced on March 23rd that we were sending an absentee ballot application to all voters 60 years old and older. At that time the Secretary of State had not yet solidified their plan to mail applications to all Georgians and we anticipated that their effort would take several weeks. We fully anticipated that our application would arrive into the hands of 60+ year-old voters in a little over a week; however, our normally reliable print vendor experienced significant challenges while operating under the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, the Secretary of State was able to quickly get their application out in the mail. As a result, most voters have already received the “Secure the Vote” application and older voters are just now receiving our mailing. Both mailings are valid.  One is from the Secretary of State, the other is from Cobb County. If you have already submitted an absentee application for the May 19th General Primary, you do not need to submit another one or do anything further. If you voted in the March 24th Presidential Primary, your May 19th ballot will include the General Primary and Nonpartisan races without the Presidential race. If you did not already vote in the March 24th Presidential Primary, then your May ballot will be combined to include everything.