Live / On-Demand/Archived Meeting Video

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Access meetings on most internet-connected devices - live or on-demand.

How to access:

  • Want to view the meeting(s) live?  You may go directly to the live broadcast by selecting the "Live Proceedings" tab on the public viewing site at the start time/date of the meeting you wish to view. (The system has intelligent media routing and will recognize most internet connected devices and provide appropriate view for the device. Depending upon the routing and device, play may be delayed from real-time actions, based upon the capabilities of your device/connection.) If there is no live meeting, please select the "Calendar" tab to check the meeting date and time.  Meetings will not stream live until the meeting begins.


  • You may also access our instructional pdf if you would like a little more information about how to access these features.

  • Need more features and/or want to check the calendar and/or access archived video? Access the web portal through this link- connecting directly to the calendar - of the Legistar/Granicus portal ( for viewing either live or on-demand video. (Look for the "Live Proceedings" tab to view live meetings.) To access archived meetings, in the default view, agendas, minutes and time-stamped video that are available will appear to the right of each listed meeting.  If you do not see a video icon, the video may not be available or not be archived or not yet available for viewing. Additional search features are available. On the Calendar tab, you may also select "calendar view" to view the meeting dates in calendar format.

Meetings documented prior to launch of the new live streaming/on-demand system with time stamping to the agenda are accessed in another system. Access this information through the City Clerk portion of the City website (archived content of Council meetings prior to Jan/Feb 2013.)

Once meetings are recorded and time stamped to the agenda, they are available on demand through most internet-connected devices and the system is searchable. This means that, once the video is posted you may quickly jump to any topic through index points to review only the information that you seek. Meeting audio, video, minutes and agendas are integrated. You may also subscribe to our agenda or to a particular search to get real-time notifications when new content is available.

Smyrna Council Meetings became available for viewing live on most internet-connected devices through Granicus and the Legistar agenda management system (time stamped to the agenda) beginning with the March 18, 2013 meeting. Though some meetings that were recorded during the testing phase of the new system may appear, only those meetings with and after March 18, 2013 will be found in Granicus live/on-demand option. All meetings prior to this date were broadcast live on Channel 181 of Charter Cable and archived for access via request of the office of the City Clerk. Begining with the March 18, 2013 meeting, access to video is through the City website (connection to the Granics/Legistar portal). Meetings will continue to broadcast live on Charter Cable Channel 181 (without access through the website), but if you need a time-stamped video, please access it through the portal.