Building Department

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The Building Department is responsible for inspecting all new residential, office, commercial and industrial developments as well as any residential additions and remodeling jobs. The Department ensures that all contractors are properly licensed and permitted.

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Q: What building codes are adopted by the City of Smyrna? 
The City of Smyrna building code requirements are defined within the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Website. The State of Georgia establishes the building, one and two family dwelling residential, fire, plumbing, mechanical, gas, electrical and energy codes as mandatory codes, meaning that under Georgia law, any structure built in Georgia must comply with these codes, whether or not the City of Smyrna chooses to enforce these codes.Since Georgia law gives the enumerated codes statewide applicability, it is not required that the City of Smyrna adopt the mandatory codes.  The City, however, has adopted administrative procedures in order to enforce them as required by State Statute (O.C.G.A. Section 8-2-25(a)). However, the City can choose which of the mandatory codes it wishes to locally enforce.

Q: What building activities require a permit?
Permits are required for all new residential homes as well as new decks, new roofs, remodeling, accessory structures (sheds), pools or replacement of mechanical equipment. Permits for commercial projects are required for interior tenant remodeling, replacement of mechanical equipment and new buildings. Permits are also required for residential and commercial land disturbance, as well as removing trees on commercial property. When in doubt, please call 678-631-5387. 

Q: What are the penalties for working without a permit? 
Penalties for working without a permit include, but are not limited to, additional fees added to the permit, as well as other enforcement actions.

Q: Where can I apply for a building permit?
Permits can be applied for at the Community Development Department at 3180 Atlanta Road.

Q: What information is required in conjunction with the building permit application?
Supplemental materials required to obtain a building permit vary with the scope of each project. In general, a State licensed contractor may pull a permit to work in a residential home by filling out a Building Permit Application and providing a description of the work. Increases in square footage, new residential and commercial applications involve additional steps that can be discussed with the Chief Building Official by calling (678) 631-5351.

Q: Do General Contractors need to be bonded?
Yes. Licensed general contractors are required to obtain a Code Compliance Bond in the amount of $15,000 with a 2-year expiration.

Q: Can a homeowner pull a building permit?
A: A homeowner can pull a building permit for work in a house that they reside in. A landlord may not work on a house to be rented unless they are a State licensed contractor.

Q: How much does a permit in the City of Smyrna cost?
General building permits are $7.00 per $1,000.00 of construction cost plus a 10% records fee. Minimum permit fee is $100.00. Additional fees may be required with commercial and new residential construction. For details, contact the Chief Building Official at (678) 631-5351.

Q: How long does the plan review process take?
The permitting process generally takes two weeks for a commercial project and one day for a residential project.

Q: Where do I submit plans for review? 
Plans can be submitted to the Community Development Department located at 3180 Atlanta Road. All plan submittals must include an Application for Plan Submittal. A copy of the completed form should be stapled to the cover sheet of each set of plans in the upper right hand corner.

Q: How do I schedule inspections? 
Call (678) 631-5010 the day before you would like the scheduled inspection. Your call must be received by 4:00 p.m.

Q: At what point during construction should I schedule an inspection?
A: In general, residential construction and renovations requires inspection at the following points of the project: rough-in, installation of footings, slab plumbing, slab pour, foundation walls, waterproofing, insulation, roof felt, water line, and sewer line.  Inspections for commercial projects vary based on the project. Please speak with us to get information about your specific project.

Q: What do I receive upon completion of all inspections? 
Once a final inspection has been completed, the department will issue a Certificate of Occupancy. You will also receive a Life-Safety Certificate of Occupancy from the City Fire Marshal's office. 

Q: How do I obtain the Certificate of Occupancy? 
 Please schedule final inspections with Building Department, Public Works, Arborist, and Fire Department if required. Once these inspections have passed, please call 678-631-5387 two days prior to your need for the Certificate of Occupancy; not the day before your closing. Certificates of Occupancy are only issued for new commercial or residential structures only. 

Q: How long is the Building Permit valid?
Building permits are only good for six months (if no activity). If you have questions, contact the Community Development Department at (770) 319-5387.