Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement provides information or assistance to residents concerning City code violations, including codes related to business licenses, signs, health/sanitation and parking. Additionally, this division ensures that residential and business property is properly maintained, yards are cut, old appliances and trash are disposed of and inoperative vehicles are not parked in yards. Complaints of non-permitted home businesses are also investigated by Code Enforcement.

Code Enforcement is part of the Community Development Department. For more information regarding the responsibilities of the department and related information, view Community Development and/or review the Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the most common violations in the City?

  1. Parking or storage of motorized vehicles or boats in the yard.
  2. Parking areas used for the sale, repair, servicing of vehicles.
  3. Yard not maintained (high grass/weeds/undergrowth) or containing litter/trash/rubbish of any nature.
  4. Presence of in-operative vehicles, equipment, appliances, machinery, or exterior accumulation of personal property, appliances or indoor furniture.
  5. Commercial vehicles weighing 10,000 lbs. or more parked at a residential zoned property.
  6. Trash cans/recycling bins remaining at street side longer than 9:00 p.m. on day of collection.

Q: What are the ordinances that govern property maintenance in the City?
Smyrna marshals enforce two sets of property maintenance codes. These include the Smyrna City Code of Ordinances and the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code, also known as the Smyrna Property Maintenance Code (PDF), which was adopted by the Smyrna City Council in 2010 as a supplement to the City Code.

Q: What is the citation process used by the City?
Smyrna first sends a warning letter to the owner or renter of the property in question. If the code violation(s) are not promptly addressed, the owner or renter is issued a formal citation and must appear in court. Failure to respond to the citation may result in a fine, imprisonment or both.

Q: How can I report a violation?
Concerned citizens and property owners can call Code Enforcement directly at 770-319-5387. Complaints can also be made through the City's online system referred to as the Non-Emergency Request option (link available on the Code Violation (Reporting Options) page) or emailed to . You may also contact the officer responsible for each Ward:

 Contact  Responsibility  Phone  Email
Vacant  Lead Marshal
 (678) 631-5349
Simon Cardenas  Ward 1, 2, 6  (678) 631-5359
Herman Hunter  Ward 5  (678) 631-5352
Timothy Freeman  Ward 3, 4, 7  (678) 631-5361