Starting a Business

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Find what you need to begin doing business in Smyrna

Smyrna is an exciting place to be an entrepreneur!Interested in doing business in Smyrna? With a diverse business community, well-educated workforce, and local resources in place to help you succeed, Smyrna is an exciting place to be an entrepreneur. The following information may help you get started:

How do I apply for a Smyrna business license?
More than 350 new businesses opened in Smyrna in the city’s last fiscal year. To join them, you will need to apply for a Smyrna business license. Instructions and application forms are available online.

Which federal/state/local permits and licenses do I need?
From federal and state tax registration, to incorporation filing, to local business licenses, several applications are usually required of new business owners. The Small Business Administration has an online tool to help you learn which permits and licenses you may need

Other resources include: 
       • IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center 
       • Operating a Business in the State of Georgia 
       • Cobb & Douglas Public Health (food service permits)

Still need help?
The Small Business Development Center at Kennesaw State University provides a one-stop online resource for the small business entrepreneur in Cobb County. Find recommended action steps for starting a new business and other tips related to financing, the business plan, and FAQs. Affordable training classes and free one-on-one consulting are also available.

Of course, you can always contact Smyrna Economic Development at 770-319-5387 for assistance.