What is a jonquil and why are we the Jonquil City?

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You've been asking yourself...

What is a jonquil?

It's a flower.
A fragrant short-tubed, yellow flower with long narrow leaves that blooms in great quantities in Smyrna in the Spring.

And, why is Smyrna called the Jonquil City?

According to the Smyrna Historical Society the jonquils were introduced to Smyrna by Samuel Taylor and his wife who moved to Smyrna from Atlanta in 1883. The Taylors purchased 80 acres of land on Atlanta Road south of the intersection with Collier Road.

The Taylors had a son who lived in Spokane, Washington. He sent his parents a burlap sack from Spokane with what are believed to be the area's first jonquil bulbs. The Taylors shared the bulbs with friends and neighbors. The flowers quickly multiplied and came back every year with very little care. Thus began the tradition of planting jonquils in Smyrna. The Taylor home is preserved as the Taylor-Brawner House and is part of the Taylor-Brawner Park property. 

A more detailed account of why Smyrna is known as the Jonquil City may be found on the Smyrna Historical Society website. http://www.smyrnahistory.org/_history_jonquil.htm