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Handbills have long been a source of litter in neighborhoods, and their presence usually is a signal to others that no one is home at a residence. The City of Smyrna Handbill Distribution Ordinance was enacted in March of 1995, and prohibits any type of advertisement from being left on an unoccupied vehicle or anywhere at a residence where a green “NO HANDBILL” sticker is present on the mailbox. There must be a"No HANDBILL" sticker in place at the residence in order for the ordinance to be enforced. While some violations still do occur, the ordinance has proven very effective in reducing the distribution of unwanted material in the City.  To obtain a sticker email Janet here.  

Please note that newspapers and handbills for political, charitable or other nonprofit purposes must be exempted from the ordinance, except when a newspaper has been directly notified by the resident that the resident does not wish to receive it. The best action is to notify the publisher in writing and keep a copy on record.

If you have a sticker and advertisements are left at your home (or on your car in any parking lot inside the City limits), please report the violation to the City Marshals at 678-631-5359 or 678-631-5361. You may also submit a complaint online through our Service Request option available through this website.  The link to the option to report a Handbill Ordinance violation is provided (please select "Handbill Ordinance violation" in this sentence). Please save the flyer, and remember to report any phone numbers listed on the ad, as well as the date and exact location of the violation. To report violations in progress (you see someone in your neighborhood distributing flyers illegally) call the police at 770-434-6666. We appreciate your help in reporting violations.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a copy of the ordinance (# 66.9.1), please look on under “Government” and then under “City Ordinances”, or call 770-431-2863. Thank you for your help to Keep Smyrna Beautiful!

Please call (770) 431-2869 if you have questions.