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The City of Smyrna Stormwater Utility provides maintenance and construction upgrades for our stormwater infrastructure. Stormwater is a term used to describe water that originates during precipitation events.  Stormwater is of concern for two main issues: related to the volume and timing of runoff water. Impervious surface is defined as parking lots, roads, building roof tops or compacted soil which do not allow rain or runoff to filter into the ground.  This runoff can erode watercourses as well as cause flooding when the stormwater collection system is overwhelmed by the additional flow. Smyrna's mission is to provide management of issues related to the drainage of stormwater including upgrades and maintenance to the stormwater system. In efforts to control the flow of runoff water and to comply with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), the City of Smyrna monitors and enforces sediment and erosion control and cleanliness of stormwater runoff.

The City of Smyrna Stormwater Utility is managed by the City Engineer and the Public Works Director, with both offices located at the City of Smyrna Public Works Complex, 2190 Atlanta Road, Smyrna, Georgia.

Illicit Discharges:

An Illicit Discharge is any discharge to the City's storm sewer system that is not composed entirely of storm water.  Examples include: paints, grease, fuels, household chemicals, or construction related sediment.   To report a potential  Illicit Discharge please make an online service request.  Please use the category "Storm Drainage/Erosion."

 Service Request.  If you have an emergency after hours stormwater issue please call (770) 434-6666.

Office hours are from 7:00am. to 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday.

Points of Contact

  • Director of Engineering:  Kevin Moore, P.A. (678) 631-5450
  • Director Public Works:  Ernest Frank Martin, WWCO/WDO (678) 631-5431
  • Environmental Inspector:  Paul Osburn, Stormwater (678) 631-5449 
  • Environmental Inspector -  Steve D. Turner (678) 631-5357
  • Street Supervisor: Tommy Price - Drainage Issues, (678) 631-5441
  • Department Phone Number: (770) 431-2850