Water and Sewer

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The Water and Sewer Division of the City of Smyrna is primarily responsible for ensuring that the City has adequate water and sewer service.  The 21 employees are responsible for maintaining 250 miles of water lines and 140 miles of sewer lines.  Operations include emergency repairs to lines, normal maintenance of lines, the installation of water and sewer taps, the operation of lift stations and the replacement of older lines.  The Water and Sewer Division is also responsible for protecting the public water supply from contamination from private sources. Sewer maintenance personnel are responsible for assuring that continuous wastewater service is available to all customers within the City of Smyrna water/sewer provider area.  The Water and Sewer Division continues to be proactive with sewer line t.v. (camera inspection) and cleaning and water and sewer main inventory including GPS.  Another important responsibility of this division is to inspect, flow and maintain fire hydrants within the city limits of Smyrna.

The City of Smyrna Water and Sewer Division is located at the Public Works Complex, 2190 Atlanta Road, Smyrna, Georgia.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Emergency after hour water and sewer issues may call (770) 434-6666.  Non emergency request can be made by calling (770) 431-2850 or going online and making a Service Request.

  • Assistant Public Works Director-Water/Sewer , Bo Jones
  • Water/Sewer Supervisor:     
  • Phone Number:  (770) 431-2850 or (678) 631-5439
  • Fax Number: (678) 631-5443 


Does your water bill seem a bit higher? An often overlooked culprit of extra water use is a leaky toilet or one that continues to run. It’s easy to miss and the amount of extra water use can be surprising. The City of Smyrna is making available tablets to help you find out if you have a leaking toilet and there are two places to obtain tablets, upon request. You may also pick up a high-efficiency retrofit faucet aerator. 

Test Tablets and/or high-efficiency retrofit faucet aerator(s) may be requested at

  • City hall utility office either at the drive-thru window and or inside City Hall at the payment counter. You may also call 678-631-5338 to check availability and hours of operation.
  •  Public Works front desk – please call 770-431-2850.

Each department can provide all the necessary information on how the tablets work along with an information booklet.

Not a residential customer? Did you know that commercial customers such as restaurants or any business with a commercial kitchen can also receive a water saver pre-rinse spray valves? They are available at either of these locations upon request if the establishment qualifies.

Wondering what to do with that old toilet that you just replaced (with a more efficient unit, of course)? Though the City of Smyrna does not recycle toilets, we are able to refer you to "CHaRM" which is the Center for the Hard to Recycle Materials in Atlanta. The link to the page of their website that lists accepted materials and associated information is http://livethrive.org/charm/items-accepted/