Group Visits

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Smyrna Public Library welcomes and encourages group visits for library tours and other events. However, visits by large groups may overwhelm limited space, or prevent individuals or families from using the library. In balancing the needs of the library’s diverse clientele, the individual or individual family is given priority over organized groups for the opportunity to utilize library resources and spaces.

Daycares, schools, homeschool groups and other caregiver groups should please consult the following guidelines when planning a trip to Smyrna Library.


Groups comprised of eight individuals or more must schedule a visit with the Youth Services Librarian, Rebecca Power ( This includes any group where eight or more people under the age of eighteen arrive together and/or request service as a group, regardless of the number of adults or caregivers chaperoning.

Tours, special story times and other visits requiring a presentation by library staff must be scheduled at least four (4) weeks in advance. Please note that June and July are the busiest months of the year for library staff, so additional tours/events are difficult to schedule during that time. To accommodate the many groups in the Smyrna area, organized visits to the library are limited to two visits per school year for each institution.


Teachers/group leaders/caregivers must notify the library if their group is unable to keep their scheduled appointment.

Each group must be accompanied by enough adult teachers/group leaders/caregivers to appropriately monitor and supervise the group, and the caregivers must remain with the group during the entire visit. For young children, one adult per 4-5 children is recommended. For older children, one adult per 8-10 children is recommended.