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Question: What is hoopla?
Answer: hoopla is a digital media service available through your library which enables you to borrow a great selection of movies, television shows, educational/instructional videos, documentaries, music, and audiobooks via your browser, smartphone or tablet (iOS 6 and via select Android devices). You can borrow any digital title your library has made available, just like the traditional books, DVD's and CD's you have come to expect. Whether you're looking for a box office hit or a classic, there is sure to be something you'll enjoy again and again.

Question: What content is available through hoopla?
Answer: We currently have thousands of movies, television shows, audiobooks, and available for library patrons to stream on their mobile devices or PC's. Movie and TV content is available for 72 hours (3 days) after borrowing. Music albums are available for 7 days, and audiobooks are available for 21 days. For more information on the titles available please check out our website at www.hoopladigital.com.

Question: How can I sign up for hoopla?
Answer: Go to http://www.hoopladigital.com. Click on "Sign Up." Select Smyrna Public Library from the list of libraries. Enter your e-mail address and create a password. Enter your library card number and four digit PIN.

Question: Are there any fees to use hoopla?
Answer: No, hoopla is a free service to patrons like yourself, provided by Smyrna Public Library.

Question: Are there ads while I enjoy content on hoopla?
Answer: No, hoopla has no ads or commercials while viewing or listening to content.

Question: How often does hoopla get new content?
Answer: The short answer is weekly, but we are constantly working with studios and publishers to add content to build hoopla.

Question: When was hoopla created?
Answer: hoopla was born in 2011 and first released in January 2013 to meet the needs of libraries and their patrons moving towards the use of digital technology.

Question: Is what I watch or listen to on hoopla private?
Answer: Yes, as well as with your account information, your privacy is very important to us. No one can see what titles you have borrowed. For more information, please take a look at our privacy policy.

Question: Are titles downloaded onto my device or computer?
Answer: All titles are available for streaming and most are available for download, based on Studio or Publisher restrictions. However, titles are only available for download on mobile devices, such as iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and supported Android phones or tablets.

Question: Where can I find the hoopla app?
Answer: The mobile hoopla app can be found in the App Store on your iOS device and in the Google Play store on your Android device. Search for "hoopla digital" to find and download the app.

Question: Where can I find hoopla on social media?
Answer: You can like us on Facebook at facebook.com/hoopladigital, follow us on Twitter at @hoopladigital, and subscribe to us on YouTube at youtube.com/hoopladigital.

Question: What does hoopla mean?
Answer: It means bustling excitement or activity, commotion or hullabaloo. We think hoopla is pretty exciting, and we hope you do too. If you like hoopla, tell your friends, family, neighbors, EVERYONE! Share the hoopla!

Question: How do I borrow and play titles?
Answer: You can borrow titles by downloading, installing and signing into the mobile app or signing into the website and browsing all available content. Once you select a title you can click on the “Borrow” button on the title details page. Once a title is borrowed it will be added to your “My Titles”. From there you can play the title on your mobile device or PC. (Please note that in order to play content on your web browser, a plug-in called "Widevine" must be installed. Your web browser should prompt you to download this plug-in the first time you attempt to view content on your web browser. This is a one-time installation and you should not be prompted for the plug-in again.)

Question: Can a title be returned before the lending period expires?
Answer: You can return the title before the lending period has expired by clicking the "Return" button at the top right of the title detail page. Please note that returning a title early does not give users additional borrows for that month.

Question: How do I view my borrowing history?
Answer: Once you have borrowed and returned a title via hoopla you can begin viewing your history from the "Settings" page by the click the "My History" button on your mobile device as well as the hoopla website.

Question: Does any of the video content offer closed captioning?
Answer: Yes, hoopla supports closed captioning of video content where available and/or required. We continue to work with Publishing Partners and industry resources to expand the availability of closed captioning services.

Question: What do the tomato icons on a title info page mean?
Answer: hoopla uses Rotten Tomatoes reviews for some of its titles. Rotten Tomatoes is a review aggregator operating on a 100% to 0% scale. Any film with a rating above 75% is “Certified Fresh,” and is listed as such. This rating is the highest accolade given by Rotten Tomatoes. A “Certified Fresh” review would have a ripe looking tomato, while an audience review above 75% would show a full bucket of popcorn. Any review that has an icon with a green splat, or a spilled bucket of popcorn has a lower critic and audience rating, respectively. These icons are designed to help potential viewers visualize the aggregate review score of the movie.

Question: Do I need to be connected to the internet to access hoopla?
Answer: Yes, to access hoopla and to stream the content over Wi-Fi, 3G and/or 4G (if it is available in your area) you must be connected to the internet.

Question: Which devices are supported by hoopla?
Answer: Currently, hoopla is supported by iOS devices that run iOS 6. This includes: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 and newer, and iPod Touch 4th generation and newer. hoopla is also available for Android smartphones and tablets. The hoopla Digital app is compatible with select Android devices, this includes most devices that support Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. At this time, hoopla is not available on game consoles, but stay tuned!

Question: Which browsers are supported by hoopla?
Answer: hoopla supports Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, Firefox (version 8 and above), and Safari. Some other browsers may work, but those listed have been confirmed to work. Please ensure you have the most up to date versions of these browsers.

Question: What is Widevine?
Answer: Widevine is a safe video player that hoopla uses via your web browser to play our video content. Widevine is a free add-on for your browser that is owned by Google. If you do not already have this installed when you attempt to play a video title in your web browser you will see a notification that will direct you to the Widevine website, from there you simply need to click on Install Now and follow the on screen prompts. If you are preparing ahead of time you can go directly to that website yourself at tools.google.com/dlpage/widevine.

Question: How do I install the Widevine Plug-In?
Answer: The Widevine installation varies depending on the browser you are using. Here are installation manuals for Internet Explorer 8,, Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, and Firefox.

Question: Does the mobile app include the same content as hoopla on the PC?
Answer: Yes, mobile and PC content is identical.

Question: Can I play hoopla content on more than one device at a time?
Answer: You can play hoopla content on several devices, but not at the same time. However, you can begin playing content on one device and pick it back up later on another device right from where you left off earlier.

Question: I am trying to play a title on hoopla, but it will not work. How do I report this error?
Answer: On the mobile app, there is a button that looks like a “Box with an Arrow” in the upper right-hand corner of the title details page. Here you will see the “Contact Us” button. Here you can select “Report a Problem”. On the hoopla website if there is an issue with playing a title you should see the error message in the playback window with a link that says “Report a Problem”. Lastly you can use the “Need Help” button under settings through on your mobile device and select “Contact Us” or through the website and select “Contact us” at the bottom of the page and we will investigate the issue.

Question: Why does video keep skipping when I try to play a video on the mobile app?
Answer: Make sure to check your internet connection speed. hoopla works over a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network connection. However, slow network speeds can cause your video stream to lag or skip. Network performance can vary by cellular provider and/or location.

Question: Why am I not hearing audio when I try to play a hoopla title on my mobile device?
Answer: On your Apple device, the mute switch is located directly above the volume control. Check the mute switch and make sure it is switched to the “on” position (if the switch is orange then your device is muted). If using an Android device, please check your device's settings for muting controls.