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Theme: Podcasting



Instructors: Alicia Mintz and Stacie Hieronymus

Hosts of Atlanta's popular podcast, "Trashy Divorces"






JUNE COURSE: "Podcasting: Create, Develop and Launch Your Podcast!"

Learn the ins-and-outs of taking your podcast from idea to show with the hosts of Atlanta’s Trashy Divorces. Alicia and Stacie will walk you through an interactive experience where you’ll learn why and how to make a podcast that people want to hear, as well as how to find and grow your audience once your podcast is out in the world.

$100 - Please Register
Dates: June 8-June 29, 2020 (four Mondays)
Class Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Session One:  What a Podcast Is (and Isn’t) and What a Podcast Can Do For You
Session Two:  Nuts & Bolts
Session Three:  Ready to Write?
Session Four:  It's Launch Day! Now What?


JULY COURSE: "So You Have a Podcast. What's Next?"

For all the planning and work that goes into launching a podcast, that’s just the first step. Join Alicia Mintz and Stacie Hieronymus from the podcast, “Trashy Divorces,” for next-level, hands-on sessions where we focus on strategies to grow your podcast audience, profile, and revenue.

$100 - Please Register
Dates: July 13-August 3, 2020 (four Mondays)
Class Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Session One:  Marketing Your Podcast Without Turning Into a Used Car Salesman
Session Two:  Get Social
Session Three:  Taking It to the Bank
Session Four:  Branding for the Long Haul 


Instructor Biographies:

Since January 2019, Alicia Mintz and Stacie Hieronymus have written, produced, and co-hosted Trashy Divorces, an independent weekly podcast that has garnered mention in the Sunday Times of London, the A/V Club, and was downloaded more than 600,000 times in its first year. Stacie Hieronymus is a freelance copywriter with experience in a range of industries, but for years has supplied regular ghostwritten content for law firm websites. In 2018, she realized that she had a stack of material that, with a little tweaking, could probably make for a pretty bangin’ podcast. Alicia Mintz is a freelance corporate trainer and instructional designer by trade who consults for companies and government agencies. When she’s not doing that or podcasting, she’s also an accomplished artist. You can find her work at Be Sassy Art on Facebook.