New Building Inspections

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New Building Inspection Process 

  1. The inspection process for new buildings begins with plan review. This step involves the submission of plans to the Community Development Office for review. Plan review fees are below.
  2. Plans that are submitted must display an architect, professional engineer, certificate of competency, or an interior designer seal. During this time the plans are also reviewed by the Smyrna Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO).
  3. After necessary corrections are made and plans are approved by the SFMO, plans will be ready to be picked up at the Community Development office.

It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the construction documents include all of the fire protection requirements and the shop drawings are complete and in compliance with the applicable codes and standards. 

Application for Submittal

Understanding Inspection Requirements  -  Inspection Fees are Below

  • Contractors are required to keep a set of approved plans on the building site during construction. If desired, contractors are responsible for setting up a "Pre-Construction Meeting" prior to starting construction.

  • Inspection requests can be made during any phase of construction. (50% rough, 80% Ceiling Cover, 100% Final or C.O.)

  • Depending on the structure, separate inspections may be requested for the fire alarm system, duct detectors, kitchen hood systems, paint booths, emergency lights and sprinklers.

  • Upon passing all required new construction inspections, the Fire Marshal’s Office issues a separate “Certificate of Occupancy” (CO) from the Building Department.  Some buildings require a “Shell Only” C.O. which must be obtained prior to the issuance of separate CO’s for each tenant space.

Plan Review - Fee Schedule


 Site Plans: 1st acre or less
(Over 1 Acre $10.00 each additional acre or part thereof)       

 Fire Alarm Plans  $200.00

Sprinkler Plans

 Full 13 system  $100.00
 NFPA 13R  $100.00 per riser
 NFPA 13D      $50.00 per riser

 Arch. Plans
 for 10,000 sq/ft or less
 More than 10,000 sq/ft = $0.020 per sq. ft. 


Inspection Fee Schedule

 All initial new construction inspections  No Charge

 1st follow-up        


 2nd follow-up


 3rd and each following inspection  $200.00
**These charges are based on O.C.G.A. § 25-2-4.1 (2009)**