Outdoor Tent Events

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Outdoor Tent Event Inspection Information

All tents in excess of 400 square feet (20’ x 20’) must be permitted through the Smyrna Community Development Department.

Contact information for permit applications:
Brawner Hall
3180 Atlanta Road SE 
Smyrna, GA 30080
Contact Jim Cox at (678)631-5321
Once the application is received, an inspection and approval of the site and erected tent is required by the Fire Marshal’s Office. All inspections are performed during normal business hours.

Contact information to schedule an inspection:
Smyrna Fire Marshal’s Office
Brawner Hall
3180 Atlanta Road SE 
Smyrna, GA 30080
The following list of information and equipment must be made available to the Fire Marshal’s Office representative at the time of inspection:
  1. A site drawing showing tent placement, property lines, existing parking and any structures. Inside configuration of the tent (tables & chairs, stages etc.) and exit placement.  Example
  2. Tent size (square footage) of each tent.
  3. Dates of use.
  4. All exits will be designated by exit signs.
  5. No Smoking Signs must be posted (smoking is not allowed inside the tent).
  6. Fire Extinguishers (minimum 5 lb.) must be accessible, mounted and have current inspection tags attached.
  7. Certificates of Flame Resistance for each tent (including): Name & address of tent owner, date of manufacture, date material was last treated, testing agency and test standard used.)
For Reference : Tent Inspection Checklist
Tent size (square footage) and configuration will determine the actual code requirements for the number of exits, type of exit signs (illuminated or non-illuminated), number of extinguishers, etc.

Tents must not block existing accessible signs and parking spaces or fire department access w/o prior approval from the Smyrna Fire Marshal.

Open flame or other devices emitting flame, shall not be permitted inside or located within 20 feet (6096 mm) of the tent approved by the fire code official.

All Occupant Loads will be determined by the Fire Marshal.

Any non-permitted tents are subject to citation for non-compliance with adopted fire code.