Smyrna Emergency Management Agency

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Roy Acree, EMA Director

The mission of Smyrna Emergency Management includes preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters and other emergencies.  

In the event of a disaster, Emergency Management will quickly establish an Emergency Operations Center specifically tasked with the coordination of all necessary resources.  Through the EOC, Emergency Management can efficiently coordinate the response of local, state and federal agencies ensuring the most appropriate resources are dispatched to the impacted area. Hurricane Katrina Response

Smyrna Emergency Management is also responsible for maintaining a network of 10 strategically located  outdoor warning sirens throughout the city.  These sirens are utilized as an early warning device to alert residents of possible severe weather.

In addition, Emergency Management provides assistance to schools and local businesses when developing emergency plans and educational programs.

If you would like to find information about what you can do to prepare for a disaster visit:

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