Departmental Statistics

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Departmental Statistics

  • 15.4 Square Miles of Coverage
  • 54,490 Residents
  • 83 SFD Members
  • 5 Stations
  • 6,580 Emergency Responses for 2018
  • ISO Class 2
  • Maintain records for over 2,000 Pre-Fire plans
  • Maintain records for 2,492 Hydrants

Class 2 ISO Rating 

ISO GA Bar Graph

About Smyrna's Rating:

The Smyrna Fire Department achieved its Class 2 rating in 2010 placing it among the top 20 fire departments out of 1,145 rated in the state.  Fire departments are rated on a varied set of items including manpower, station distribution, water supply, and communications.  Prior to the 2010 rating, the City of Smyrna was rated a Class 3; a category reserved for only 55 of the rated departments in the state.

What this Means for Residents/Business Owners:

It may be possible to receive savings on your home or business insurance premium retroactive to the rating's effective date of April 1, 2010. The savings associated with the rating upgrade may vary, but could be up to eight percent. You must contact your insurance carrier as any change in premium will not occur automatically.

About ISO:

Based in Marlton, NJ, ISO is a private company and a leading source of information about property risk. ISO evaluates and rates nearly every fire department in the United States and provides the information to insurance companies. Community fire protection is one area of evaluation, and receiving a Class 2 rating takes a great deal of strategic thinking and dedication.

Learn more about ISO by clicking here.