Response Division

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   Eric Mohrmann

A-Shift Battalion Chief

Stephen Westbrook

B-Shift Battalion Chief

Eric Farmer

C-Shift Battalion Chief

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Farmer_ Eric


The most visible part of the organization is our response personnel reporting through our Response Division Chief(s). These are Firefighters staffing the fire apparatus and rescue units who respond to requests for service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The response personnel are divided into three shifts to ensure round-the-clock service to the community and are led by our Battalion Chiefs. Firefighters work a 24 hour shift which starts at 7:00AM with crews fully checking their equipment and vehicles to ensure readiness.

Fire Suppression

The department provides fire suppression for all types of fires that occur in the city. These include structure fires, such as homes, businesses and industries, vehicle fires, grass and woods fires and other types of fires that may occur.

Emergency Medical Care

Smyrna firefighters are trained and certified as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics. We respond with advanced life support capabilities to emergency medical incidents that occur in the city. With fire stations strategically located throughout the city, often times firefighters are closer than an ambulance to a medical call allowing firefighters to reach the scene of such a medical emergency sooner and initiate medical care.

Technical Rescue

Smyrna firefighters are trained to provide all types of recue in the city, including vehicle extractions, confined space rescue, low angle rescue, and other types of rescues that may occur.

Community Outreach

The department provides public safety education through car seat installations, first aid, stations tours, and school visits.

Hazardous Materials

The department provides response to hazardous material leaks or spills. These may include transportation incidents that occur on the roadways or railroads and fixed facility incidents at businesses or industries.

Risk Reduction

The department provides risk reduction services through pre-incident planning and conducting incident action plans on high-risk occupancies.