Criminal Investigations

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Lt. Michael Conti
Unit Commander

Mission Statement

It is the commitment of the Special Operations Division to strive for superior investigative excellence and professionalism. To provide, within the framework of the Constitution, a safe and secure living environment by enforcing the law, preserving the peace, and protecting the rights of all with integrity, accountability, compassion and understanding while diligently working in partnership with the entire community. 

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) functions as support to the Uniform Patrol Division. Members of CID review and investigate complaints of criminal acts, identify and arrest suspects, and prepare cases for prosecution. The Division is organized into several areas: Person Crimes, Property Crimes, Street Crimes Unit and Criminal and Intelligence Analyst. The Division is staffed with detectives, electronic and scientific evidence technicians, and specialty-trained civilian personnel.

  • Persons Crimes include homicide, robbery, assaults, battery, juvenile and family violence incidents.
  • Property Crimes include burglary, theft, auto theft, and financial crimes, pawn shop detail and cyber crimes investigations.

All criminal reports made to the Smyrna Police Department are sent to the Criminal Investigation Division for assessment. The reports are reviewed for facts and information which would lead detectives to the identity of a suspect.

Citizens who are victims of crimes should contact the Criminal Investigation Division should they become aware of additional information that was not given to the officer at the time of the report. Since the division is inundated with reports, cases are only assigned if there is sufficient information or evidence to justify the expenditure of manpower on an investigation.

When a case is assigned, the detective will contact the victim after receiving the assignment. During the course of the investigation, the detective will maintain contact with the victim and update them on the progress of the case. When a final conclusion is reached, the detective will contact the victim and advise them the case was completed and of the final disposition. In those instances where no information was developed for prosecution, the case will be considered inactive. Should new information be developed, the case can be reopened for additional investigation.

To inquire on the status of any case and/or to speak to any detective assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division, or to report on-going criminal activity call (770)434-9481. If you have an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, call 911. 

Street Crimes Unit (SCU)

Street Crimes Unit is comprised of officers working in plain clothes and concentrating on specific crime problem areas and gang activity.


The City of Smyrna has officers assigned to the Marietta-Cobb-Smyrna (MCS) Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Force. This multi-jurisdictional unit investigates major narcotics trafficking in and around the Cobb County area. It places emphasis on investigations which directly involve the flow of narcotics into our community working routinely with and assisting other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).